Securing The Best Exchange Rates For US Dollars if You Choose America to Study

March 26th, 2012

How do I get the best exchange rates for US dollars if I’m a student considering moving to the study and more importantly why would I want to study in the US over say Australia or my own country?  America is the number one study choice in the whole world for foreign students, wishing to pursue further education abroad. America swallows over 1/3 of the world’s international student population.

There must be a reason for the US being such a popular study destination. One of the main reasons is that the US has a very good worldwide reputation for higher education. This is mainly attributable to the country’s highly distinguished education programs. Also many American universities attract world-renowned lecturers and therefore, tend to be front runners when it comes to technological development and research. Many of the institutions boast state-of-the-art facilities, with the best labs, IT provisions, libraries and sports, recreational programs.

The range and variety of available courses and study options in America is hugely diverse, it doesn’t matter what you want to study, it is likely to exist in the US, where it might not in other countries. This is another strong pull for students. There are a total of 3,600 further and higher education institutions in the US – all of which are diverse in what they have to offer, if you choose to attend one of these institutions attaining the best exchange rates for US dollars will be very important on a recurring basis.

One thing that is very different about education in the US is that at undergraduate level, universities provide a broad range of topics to study and then later on in their studies a specialism will be decided upon. This ensures a broad knowledge base to start, with students often combining maths, the arts and languages—before finally having to decide on a major subject to graduate in. It’s very easy to make a wrong decision especially if you have never studied a subject previously; the American system thus helps to guide students gently into an area they can flourish in.

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