Regular International Payments

If you’re looking for a secure money transfer service to make regular payments abroad, we offer a fantastic range of products to help you with:

  • UK pension transfers
  • Salary payments to and from overseas
  • General living expenses from the UK
  • Other regular payments

We provide a regular international payments service so that you can transfer money abroad at your convenience. We can significantly remove exchange rate risks and reduce costs on your transfers. With a fixed exchange rate for a 24 month period, you can relax knowing that your money is protected from any added costs.

Contact us now for great foreign currency transfer benefits:

  • A Best Exchange Rate Guarantee to beat high street bank rates
  • Protection against the ever-changing market using a fixed exchange rate for up to 24 months with a Forward contract
  • A personal account manager from start to finish, building a relationship to understand your unique requirements
  • Quick, easy and free online registration

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