Need to Exchange Money? Travelling Abroad or Coming Home – Follow Our Tips

October 5th, 2012

If you’re going abroad, whatever your reason, you will likely need to exchange money to get your foreign currency. Best Exchange Rates UK have some tips to approaching currency and your trip in the right way to ensure your trip goes without a glitch, both before, during and after your holiday.

Work out how much money you might need for your trip. If you take too much you are inviting thieves and it will cost you double if you have to exchange money back to your own currency when you return. Taking to little can also be a problem, you never know what can happen and when you might need some cash. Try to strike a balance. Take a credit or debit card as back up.

  1. Big notes are a big no no. Many grocery stores and taxi companies will simply not have sufficient change and you will be searching round to get smaller denominations.
  2. Tipping is a fundamental part of most holidays; we tend to be quite stingy when tipping in the UK. InAmerica it is considered of the utmost disrespect to not tip a waiter or waitress. You would not be welcome back at the restaurant in question ever again if you did not tip. Check out tipping etiquette for your chosen destination.
  3. How many people do you hear, that went abroad and suddenly their bank card stopped working or their phone wouldn’t work because their card issuers or mobile phone contract suppliers suspected fraudulent activity. If this happened you could be stuck with no money and no communication method for sorting out the problem!
  4. Book your money exchange well in advance with Best Exchange UK. It will often benefit you to be early and organised, if you have weeks to go, we might be able to advise of a best time to exchange so that you get a the best exchange rate.

On your return to the UK, if you get home and realise that you have some foreign currency left over, you might to consider the following when your exchange money back. You could hang onto leftover small change – especially if there is a chance you may return to the destination in the future. For your best exchange rates in the UK visit us at Best Exchange Rates UK.