Money Exchange Rates & Overseas Property Investment Trends

November 27th, 2012

At Best Exchange Rates UK we have the best money exchange rates for UK residents looking to buy a property abroad and potentially secure a mortgage.

It’s amazing just how many people from theUKlook across international waters for a new property investment. In fact over 275,000 Brits are overseas property owners. It is estimated by the Office of National Statistics that this figure will rise in the coming years quite significantly. There are a million reasons why you might decide you want to buy a property abroad; the two main reasons are listed below:

  • Leisure – a nice holiday home for you and your family that could actually work out cheaper than an annual holiday every year for the next 25 years! You could also rent it out when you are not there.
  • Business – you may simply feel it’s a sounder investment than buying a property back in theUK, maybe it’s a good rental opportunity and will pay for it’s self over the years.

Money exchange rates were put under scrutiny when the out flux began and buying overseas property became popular, it was areas such as Spain and France that were the most popular, perhaps because they are within cheap and easy travelling proximity to the UK, sunny, culturally familiar and popular holiday destinations, therefore also offering potentially good rental opportunity. This trend has changed over the years however and although these European destinations remain popular, investors are becoming wiser and maybe even slightly braver and beginning to spread their wings into Eastern Europe, South Africa and even China. Demand is less in these destinations and supply is up and often property can be secured at bargain prices.

Whatever your reasons, the most important choice you will make once you have found the right property, is how to finance the purchase. If you are looking to get the best money exchange rates when exchanging your money into the desired foreign currency, Best Exchange Rates UK are the people to talk to. We have also devised an overseas mortgage guide to help you with the next important step in the buying process.