Londoners leaving for the Olympics question exchange rate for euro

September 3rd, 2012

Excitement is in the air as the London Olympic Games continue in summer 2012. Millions of fans are flocking to the city to see their country perform. These citizens of other countries have to navigate their own way through the United Kingdom and find what they feel is the best foreign currency exchange rate for euro and best money rates.

It is no surprise, however, that Londoners have mixed emotions about the Olympics. Of course, hosting the games is a great honour for any country. However, with extra people in the city, many parts of it can get quite crowded. A recent issue of the London newspaper, the Evening Standard, printed an A-Z guide of what to do if you’d like to get away from the crowds of the games. While some suggestions talked of going to rooftop gardens or trying a hidden restaurant, many suggested going to different countries such as Paris or Greece. While the Pound is used in Great Britain, the Euro is used in these other countries.

Finding the best exchange rate for euro can be very tricky because of the influx of tourists during the Olympics. Instead of being lured into tourist traps set up during this time, locals should look deeper into money rates and find the best and most economical rate. If a Londoner does choose to visit one of the countries suggested, it is also important to do some research, not only on the foreign currency exchange, but also on how the country is doing economically or what there is to see in that country.

For example, the Euro has been questionable in Greece recently, as the debt of the country forced Greece to decide if they would stay with the currency or back out completely. With the decision to stay with the Euro, Greece is now attempting to get out of debt. It is still important to analyse issues like this when traveling.

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