Great News For Getting The Best Exchange Rate Pound to Euro as The Pound Hits a 1 Year High.

April 17th, 2012

Getting the best exchange rate pound to euro is not a promising prospect, as smart investors get out of the volatile Euro in search of a safer investment haven. This has hugely beneficial consequences for the pound and it’s expected the situation will stay as it is for some time, attributable to the euro zone debt crisis. Having said all this, the pound has not faired quite so strongly against the US dollar. In mid January 2012 the pound reached its highest level since the end of September 2010 against the euro, standing at 82.22p, despite the fragility of the British economy.

The pound is quite possibly the strongest of the European monetary currencies because it is viewed as ‘safe’. British government bonds dropped to an all time low in the last few months as prices sky rocketed off the back of quantitative asset purchases slowing down from the Bank of England and a surge from investors who have major concerns about the euro zone, a bad time to get the best exchange rate pound to euro.

How about the best exchange rates for us dollars, how is the pound fairing against the US dollar.  It was down 0.6 percent in mid January versus the dollar. However it is predicted that the focus of attention may switch back to pound towards the end of January as the Bank of England announces its latest monetary policy decisions, it is expected there will be no change in interest rates from already record lows and that any increase in asset purchase will likely take place later in February.

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