Getting the best exchange rates for Australian dollars for ex-patriots moving back home

February 29th, 2012

If repatriation to the UK is on the agenda, ex pats will need the best exchange rates for Australian dollars, particularly if the move is financially motivated. Believe it or not financial disappointment is the main reason for Brits who moved to Australia deciding to move home and behind this is the recent downturn in the world economy which had a huge impact on many ex-pat families or people who travelled across the world to improve the quality of living during their retirement.

Often what motivates people to make the life change is that Australia traditionally offered not only a better standard of living in terms of over all lifestyle i.e. better weather, more hours of sunlight, stunning beaches etc, but also a more affordable cost of living. Initially it’s important that ex pats get the best exchange rates for Australian dollars to ensure the stash of pounds they depart with stays as big as possible during the exchange money process, so that it will go further on arrival down under.   There are several factors that have affected how far your emigration funds go in today’s modern and uncertain society. We have listed a few below.

The job prospects and salary expectations for Brits in Australia are still good and you often see adverts from Australian companies screaming out for skilled workers from the UK, due to the shortage of this kind of labor within the Australian workforce. One thing to beware of is that certain careers are quite saturated, so it may be that one part of the family finds work easily but the other doesn’t and this could cause friction and does not make re-adjusting to the new way of life as easy as it might have been.

In some cases the lifestyle that seemed idyllic from a distance whilst still residing in the UK, in reality isn’t actually what the ex-pat may have had in mind. The sun is great when your on holiday but maybe you cant hack it when you have to live with it 24/7, you may laugh but some people like the UK seasons so much they decide to move home. It’s important to test the water first, go out there and spend some time there first or it could end up a costly mistake and no matter if you get the absolute best exchange rates for Australian dollars going, you are still going to lose a considerable sum of money in the process. For the best exchange rates and the best advice – come to Best Exchange Rates UK.