Get info on exchange rate euros on your iPhone when travelling abroad

September 6th, 2012

With praises from the BBC, CNN, and the Travel Channel, the XE Currency app for the iPhone is making life easier for the modern day traveller wanting to look up the exchange rate euros. Usually when trying to compare money rates, travellers had to look up the exchange rate, and then either use a calculator or mental math to convert from one currency to another. Today, one can simply download this free app to their iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone to receive current information on exchange rates for every world currency and precious metal.

This app has many user friendly features beneficial to any traveller. For example, the users can set up foreign currency exchange rates that refresh up to every minute, or they can simply shake their iPhone to reset the rates when they need them. This feature ensures that users do not use old or outdated exchange rates that may cause them to lose money. Another feature that makes the app especially appealing is the currency converter. This allows the app users to quickly see how much they are actually paying in their home currency and stay on budget for their trip abroad. It can be easy to lose track of exactly how much money is being spent unless the exchange rate is current at the time of conversion. So, travellers on a budget especially should pay attention to this new technology that will allow them to keep track of their transactions. The last major usable feature of this former iTunes featured app of the week is the ability to monitor up to ten currencies at once. Staying current on different money rates allows users to better plan trips when travelling from country to country or just see patterns in the money rates and get an idea of what is going on in economies across the world. Overall, the XE Currency app is an app designed to save users time by getting correct information on foreign currency exchange very quickly.

This app could be incredibly helpful for people in and around the Eurozone to monitor the exchange rate euros. With the state of the economy in many of the member countries, it would be wise to keep track of how the Euro measures up to other foreign currencies. Visit the Best Exchange Rates UK website for more information on the exchange rate euros and specific information on each world currency.