Foreign Exchange For Foreign Exchange Students.

April 30th, 2012

Foreign exchange is one of the many factors that a foreign exchange student will need to consider when choosing to study abroad. Many UK students from secondary schools, colleges or university, choose to take some time out of the UK and study abroad, in what is known as an affiliate or partner institution – this is where colleges, schools and universities in various countries, buy into aprogramme of foreign exchange.

These programmes can be hugely beneficial to all concerned as they offer an insight into the language, history, traditions and general way of life for a completely different culture. The exchange students tend to stay with carefully screened families, who often report that being exposed to the cultural differences of the students who reside with them, really enriches the lives of the entire family and that the whole process is fantastic for facilitating multi-cultural appreciation.

It isn’t always the case that students stay with exchange families, it may be that they live in a lodge or a hostel, although students who opt for this form of accommodation may not gain as much from the experience, as they are not experiencing the day to day family life of their host country.

Student exchanges are a fairly modern phenomenon and became popular not long after the Second World War, when international travel became safe and affordable again. The idea was not only to try and increase the mutual understanding; acceptance and tolerance of different cultures but in addition to help with foreign languages and more generally help students to open up their world to new opportunities following the tragic events of World War II.

Exchange programmes are usually fairly short because they are fairly intense experiences with students living and breathing their new environment. However, they can last anything up to a year, with the average stay being 3 months. Check out the rest of Best Exchange Rates UK articles for information on all aspects of money exchange management and foreign exchange.