Exchange Rate Euro: An Interesting Look at Commemorative Coins in The Eurozone.

January 3rd, 2013

Commemorative €2 coins have been quite regularly issued throughout Europe since their status was confirmed in 2004. With the exchange rate euro being so commonly traded on the foreign currency exchange there are a number of distinct coins a company specialising in money exchange rates could see on a day to day basis.

The year of 2004 saw a couple of particular gems. Europe’s smallest nation, The Vatican City, saw a limited run of 100,000 coins celebrating the 75th anniversary of the states founding. The central part of the coin depicted the perimeter walls of the famous St Peters Basilica. The church of our first Pope is certainly an image sure to resonate with much or Europe. The exchange rate euro would be ideal for anyone setting up a business in nearby Italy too, who in 2004 issued a coin celebrating the long standing world food programme depicting ears of maize, rice and wheat, one of our main sources of nourishment.

This summer foreign currency exchange was a requirement of many a traveller who came across to London to support their favourite athletes. Frances defending handball champions were great figures of pride to their nation as they retained the Gold medal and cemented themselves as legends of the sport for all time. If you took advantage of money exchange rates back in 2004and headed to Greece for the Athens games you could have found yourself with a coin showing an image of the Discobolus statue (The Discus Thrower to most of you). Certainly, what better a way to depict the Olympic spirit of the innovators of athletic competition than with this coin?

The year of 2005 saw a literary tribute to Cervantes emerge in Spain with a coin issued to pay tribute to arguably his greatest creation Don Quixote. With the popularity of investment in Spain a few of these could be seen by anyone taking advantage of the exchange rate euro. Why not tilt at a few windmills with us as we pay tribute to one of literatures most truly chivalrous figures. 2005 also saw San Marino pay tribute to the World Year of Physics. A 100 years after Einstein had his miracle year, publishing four papers including the single most famous equation in the field of Physics E=mc2. This coin featured a version of Galileo’s painting The Study of the Planets, amongst the greatest allegorical paintings in the field.

San Marino again had one of the more interesting coins in 2006 with a dedication to explorer Christopher Columbus commemorating the anniversary of his death 500 years previously. The coin depicted a portrait of his face in front of a background made up of his three ships

There are more of these coins and perhaps we will examine others in the future. For now if you have any exchange rate euro needs why not visit Best Exchange Rates UK and have a look? Keep an eye open, you might just see one of these along the way.