Best Exchange Rates UK Reports on Europe & China’s Proposed World Stage Partnership

August 13th, 2012

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China and Europe are in negotiations over a world trade deal aimed at facilitating improved international investment opportunities for both countries. The European Union will oversee the deal which is aimed at exploiting the Chinese and European marketplace to help increase international trade and export at a time when the economy requires a much needed boost.

At the 14th EU summit it was declared that the relationship could provide benefits to both parties. China is an emerging market that has enjoyed much success from Europe as a result of the continents open trade policies. Although the euro zone crisis is far from resolved, China is convinced of the euro’s future strength due to the solidarity among member states. The China – Europe trade plans will have a positive impact on best exchange rates uk and the best exchange rate for euros if the initiative pulls off.

The China-Europe relationship is the biggest in the world in terms of trade and Europe is the worlds largest importer of Chinese goods. Over 550 billion euros were traded throughout 2011, fuelling jobs, growth and economic prosperity.

The main thrust of opportunity behind the bilateral agreement is based upon openness and freedom of movement for trade and investment, the ultimate goal is aimed at limiting and removing boundaries to trading. China has been criticised in the past for its autocratic style of governing its populous, in a way that prevents democracy. People are unable to freely browse the worldwide web in China and one of the steps towards creating improved trade is to create an openness that extends beyond government officials, to the business and consumer community. It is felt this will facilitate improved trade through Europe. The China-Euro talks also covered areas outside of trade and commerce and outlined joint plans to lower carbon output, issues of world energy supply and waste management.

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