Best Exchange Rates UK News: Protests on Wall Street 2011.

April 16th, 2012

This Best Exchange Rates UK news article takes a look back at a report from the 2001 Occupy Wall Street protests.

October 2011- Wall Street, New York, protesters who call themselves Occupy Wall Street – do just that for a third week in a row. As they take over lower Manhattan, it appears that the protesters are set to stay as they build make-shift kitchens, toilets, medical clinics and even mini libraries. The protesters are described as “leaderless resistance movement” protesting against the current state of the American economy.

Many have stated that the Egyptians did it for democracy, the protesters in New York City are looking for something similar, to clean up politics and the creation of policies that are not based on corporate greed. There is no clear demand coming from the protesters, what there is however a growing following across a number of areas in the USA. Moreover, these protests are gaining support worldwide with protest in Hong Kong – protesters there claim that they are planning to demonstrate against capitalism and bureaucracy.

As President Obama himself has stated that the Wall Street protestors are “giving voice to more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.” This statement comes as the protests take a stance on the war in Afghanistan – the longest war, it has been argued, that America has ever fought.

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