Are You Looking For The Best Exchange Rates Pound to Euro?

April 2nd, 2012

Securing the best exchange rates pound to euro can be tricky in the current economic climate,as it is fair to say that over the previous year the pound has lost a lot of ground against the Euro, to the point where they almost reached parity. This means that for people who have either business or personal affairs within the Eurozone, budgeting is key and finding ways to save money is even more of a priority. If you are seeking euro exchange rates for long term or frequent payments into Europe, then check out our private currency exchange section.

This article aims to offer you guidance on making your foreign currency exchange decisions including for short excursions and for monthly business transactions.

Although it is true that nowadays it is possible to travel without any of your destination currency in your pocket, however, it is worth adding that there are more cost effective solutions to travelling abroad. Forward thinking is essential for the success of finding the best exchange rate pound to euro. This is also true when it comes to flashing the plastic over converting your money before your trip, this is because you could face charges of roughly (quite possibly more) 3%. Debit card charges are typically less than credit cards, or you could face a fixed fee, however neither can be classed as a money saver, in our opinion.

If you are running a business that has suppliers within the Eurozone, then securing the best euro exchange rates on a forward contract can help you to plan your cash flow forecast. Securing the best rates also means that you can potentially save on every transaction, potentially saving your company thousands of pounds.

There are many places where you can look for the best exchange rate pound to euro before you travel abroad, there is the place that you will have booked your holiday or your high street bank. However, it is important to bear in mind that for many of these companies, foreign exchange is not the core of their business. For many avenues in life we go to professional or specialist for advice and guidance, we feel that this same principle should be applied when looking to secure the best euro exchange rates to make an overseas payment or if you are looking to make a major change like buying a home abroad.